Well, well, well.. what can I say? Probably nothing profound. Probably nothing that hasn't been said before. Well, Japan is AWESOME. I'm speaking of Tokyo to be more specific—having never seen any other part of Japan—but I'm sure the rest is also cool.

We only spent three days here but it was great and is a place I could certainly spend a lot more time. If I were to summarise our activities in a small list of mostly nouns and some other joining words it would be: subway, plastic food displays, ferris wheel, competitive photo booth game, bathhouse, subway, hotel, subway, coffee supplies store, actual coffee shop, neon, fish market, Sumo, Sushi Train, Yuki, pedantic airport check-in attendant who was only doing her job.

The photos do the talking but one event not captured on CCD was our the events that took palce on our last night there after we spent some time at a bar on a back street and got riotously merry. We got back to our room, passed out and forgot to set the alarm for our early flight the next day. After both (luckily) randomly waking up at about 4am, I began to realise that me, the strange sushi train octopus and all the sake were not getting along. I was also a bit stressed because we had no more cash on us, and so proceeded to walk through the streets of Tokyo at 4am in my thongs looking for an ATM and occasionally bending down to 'take a closer look of the bushes'.

The train ride to the airport was a living hell and, having arrived, we were then told we had to pay 360 euro for 8kg of excess baggage despite telling them we were moving country and pleading with them to be reasonable. (Side note: If you do any multi-leg international travel, make sure your baggage allowance doesn't go down between the first and second flight.) So we had to frantically put on clothes, jackets and hiking boots, re-pack and post a whole box of our stuff from the airport.

The plane was half full.

But apart from that it was awesome.