After a couple of weeks in Olso when we first arrived, we travelled back to Sunny Sunnmøre and the town of Sykkylven. This is the town where Rannveig grew up. The region of Sunnmøre is known in Norway to be full of the 'frugal' type. We call them tight arses.. I will get back to this later.

The region itself is one of the most picturesque in Norway. The mountains rise out of the ground and tower into the clouds. The fjords are often hundreds of metres deep and can be quite wide too. For this reason, there is a significant amount of ferry travel required. (Q: How do you build a bridge if you can't get to the sea floor? A: make floating tunnels - it's happening). So travelling on ferries is fun initially but you soon get bored of it and it's extremely slow. And it obviously costs money, so you can rack up the expenses pretty quick too.

Sykkylven, It's a furniture town through and through. The town has about 8000 residents and probably over half of them work in the furniture factories or some sort of furniture related profession.. Even their high schools have ridiculously awesome facilities - with most of the older factory machinery getting passed down to the Art/Tech departments of the high schools. Sadly, almost none of the kids are interested in furniture (because they are surrounded by it) and so not many students get into it.. Though ironically many of them end up working on the factory floor when they could have been designing and engineering the products instead.. Oh well..

Also, one other furniture related story about this town - they hold the record for the longest Sofa ever built! Originally they built one that was around 65m long. But then for some reason the Polish built one that was 75m long (or similar) the next year. So this year, they planned to get that damn record back from those thieving Polish. So they built a Sofa that was over 800m long and spanned the entire length of the bridge that crosses the Fjord. 800m of sofa. Great! Suffer in your jocks, Polish. But true to their Sunnmøre stereotype, the sofa was then promptly disassembled and sold off as individual 'conventional-sized' sofas. Norwegians: The Practical Recordbreakers.

Enough talk. More photo.