Well we have finally found our local brew supplier. He's not that local, but he's in Norway which is a start. First batch was a Belgian-style Wheat Beer and the second was a dry-hopped India Pale Ale.

The dry hopping was a good experience. We used Fuggles pellets, which we got through our Norwegian supplier. Fuggles are a good aromatic hop variety perfect for IPAs. Ideally we'd be using freshly dried full-leaf hops, but we're still waiting on our supply from Gippsland, Australia to ramp up kick off production...

The next batch we're just about to put on is a Liquorice Stout—just in time for winter. Also, in one of those jaw dropping slap your cheek moments after realising our basement is directly under our kitchen, we have big plans to drill through and run a keg line up for parties.

More to come.