Making good use of the proximity of Norway to mainland Europe (in comparison to Australia, for example), we decided we'd take a quick trip down to Munich and catch up with Davo and Lauzie—friends from Australia who have lived in Munich around six years studying contemporary jewellery and getting into the Bavarian lifestyle.

A lot of the time was spent at Davo's new workshop which he spent a lot of the early part of this year building up from a disused basement into a functioning work space. It's really impressive to seen what Davo and Big Kev have done with the space. We also put the main workshop room through its paces with a nice genre-spanning dancefloor party. Everybody look at your hands.

All in all, it was a great four day bender visit. It was really good to see the setup both Davo and Lauzie have in Munich, as well as their group of friends. Obviously we'll be back just as soon as we have jobs and enough money to get back there.