It's been a while since I put some photos up of life in Oslo. There hasn't been a lot going on actually, except for a kick-arse autumn that refuses to descend into rainy crap weather and instead gives day after day of clear, sunny skies (even if it's only 3 degrees outside).

Back in August we went on a cabin trip about 30 minutes south east of Oslo. That was back when the weather was still warm enough to wear t-shirts (just). We stayed at a scout cabin called the 'Sausage Hut' and went mushroom picking. How Norwegian.

There's also some pictures of the 'Ghettodrome' - Oslo's answer to a fixed-gear hangout. They have races here every now and then. It's pretty run down and rough asphalt so I really wouldn't want to come off the bike around the turns.. Reminded me a lot of the Brunswick open air velodrome.

We also finished our shelf, which we stubbornly scoped-out materials, designed (Rani CAD'ed it up) and built in the kitchen instead of going to IKEA and following the yellow line like the other zombies. 92% for design, 68% on build execution (needed a drill press). But it's pretty cool. You need something good to look at in winter.

Last, but not least, this afternoon we walked around Oslo which was great. We're so used to walking/riding or tramming the same way into the city so it's great to just go for a walk for the sake of walking. On the way we walked up one of the older streets in Oslo, went to the oldest building in Oslo (a church built around 1100AD), walked through the nearby cemetery and found Edvard Munch's humble grave literally by chance, plus the guy that walked around Norway and made Ny Norsk (the second Norwegian language). We finally ended up down at the harbour 'waterfront' area called Aker Brygge. A good afternoon's walk.