The band have been playing their way around venues in Norway's capital city since early 2012. Throughout 2013 they released a digital single each month in the form of a free streaming-quality download to their mailing list subscribers and facebook fans. These digital releases formed the bulk of what would be their debut album which was released on 12 inch vinyl.

The artwork for the album needed to reflect both the energy of the band, hint to stylistic influence and give best impact for lowest budget given this release was independent and entirely self-funded by the band. A duotone colour scheme was chosen for both the cover and the vinyl labels; the style not-so-subtlely referencing classic print advertising from the 60s. This visual style was carried through to promotional items such as posters to coincide with the launch of the album.

A simple brochure website was also developed in conjunction with the release that allowed protected download of the album in high quality digital format for all vinyl purchases.