A classic, single-colour script wordmark was developed that referenced mid-century Americana. From a functional perspective, the logo needed to be both recognisable, compact and simple to apply to many types of physical media.

From the starting point of a monochrome logo, a basic colour pallete of black and bright orange gave the band another strong and memorable element to use in marketing material such as gig posters. The colour itself was chosen as a hommage to classic advertising of the 50s and 60s where cost and limitations of commercial printing meant that flat, bold colours were the preferred choice.

Along side a custom wordmark, a heavy and italicised Futura variant was used as the workhorse typeface to be used on posters, website and other marketing material.

Quarter Wolf's website, launched in conjunction with the release of their debut LP, was a straightforward, single-page brochure site that was quickly built up around the brand framework, and enhanced with photography taken from the bands many live shows.